Full Figure Sculptures

“This way Jack” – £85

Styled after a certain famous sculptor this 12″ high mother and child is finished in a bronze patina and set on a bed of black slate

Nude Woman kneeling – £55

Approx 6″ high this delicate figure of a young woman is finished in a green patina and set on a marble base

Sleeping Nude (SOLD)

Set on a slate base approx 9″ long this lovely sleeping  nude is finished in a gloss bronze patina. The base is hole punched as this piece would easily be suited to wall hanging

Sitting Nude – £95

Reaching to adjust her ankle bracelet this young black woman, set on black slate and finished in high gloss dark bronze patina casts a striking figure. Approx 6″ high

Kneeling Nude – £95

Finished in an ‘aged iron’ look and set on slate this 8″ high figure of an African woman casts a regal and proud air

Dance movement – £80

Based on a famous Rodin sculpture, this 10″ high figure is the epitome of grace, poise and balance (Sold)